• Michael John Krynak

    Singer Songwriter, Musician


    I was born in 1950 and grew up in Levittown, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylviania  and started playing guitar when I was seven. My father played an old Gibson acoustic guitar and entertained our family by playing three chord cowboy songs. At that time, I fell in love with the guitar and singing. I was amazed by  this small box of steel and wood which produced such a beautiful sound!



     As a child, I was blessed by being able to attend excellent Catholic schools. Although not being the greatest student, I learned here the art of singing.  I still remember singing hymns every day during masses, processions and other ceremonies in which every catholic boy and girl had to attend.


    During high school, my approach to music became more serious. I attended a Roman Catholic Preparatory School in Spring Grove, PA, called St. Francis Prep. I intended to become a catholic priest and served there for two years. Here, I learned to play my first songs. The first one was  "500 Miles" by Peter, Paul and Mary. I developed a  love for music by listening to the folk songs of the 60's. They were so melodic and related to their lyrics.

    I didn't think of pursuing music professionally, but these songs touched my life so much that I was inspired.


    After high school, I decided to enter the U.S. Marine Corps. My father served in the Navy, and I felt compelled to join the armed services. After basic training, I deployed to Vietnam and was a combat engineer in Quang-Tri Province, which was only 12 miles from the DMZ. My duties were sweeping roads for land mines and building  combat fortifications.  Just 18 years old, I spent 13 long months in this war.


    After Vietnam, I went to college and attained a degree in Philosophy in 1974 from the University of Dayton, Ohio. Continuing in college, I played guitar as a self-taught musician at coffee houses and sometimes churches.  I continued writing my own songs.


    In the mid-seventies, I re-joined the Marine Corps as an officer and stayed for 21 years. During that time, I wrote many songs  that I still play today such as Aster Lane, Beautiful to Me and If Only the World Knew.  I loved serving my country and will never forget what the Marine Corps taught me. I retired as a Major in 1994.


    Currently, I live in California City, a small desert town just two hours North of Los Angeles.  I record my music under the guidance of the accomplished producer, Eric Uglum, who taught me a lot about recording music. I still continue to surround myself with professional musicians who are willing to share their musical intuition, art and songwriting skills.